Tuesday, 9 October 2012

fwd:motion heads out to PUMA HQ

Fwd ventured out to PUMA HQ in Nuremberg, Germany to work on the 2013 AW13 Black Label catalogue, a five day trip photographing the Autumn/Winter range of trainers and accessories for retail next year.

The PUMA brand was very much on display at the impressive offices on this purpose built site and the brilliantly named "Global brand Centre" was an amazing sight both in the daylight and at night when it is illuminated! PUMA are very aware of the importance of being environmentally friendly with their products and have led the way with forward thinking packaging and products, this awareness of being environmentally friendly is also projected in the global HQ. Huge Solar panels are fitted across the site and all of the offices electricity is generated purely from this source. There are also huge rain tanks that collect water and this is used within the buildings plumbing! A fantastic achievement and bold statement by this forward thinking global brand, which hopefully will be picked up by other like minded companies in the future!

The brand as you would expect is very much on show at the Global HQ. Attention to detail and ingenious and creative ideas such as the lights in the car park actually resembling a trainer box with the lid slightly open, so that the light projects out of the box is a great sight and re-enforces the importance of brand to PUMA!

Working at PUMAs HQ was a pleasure and fwd:motion celebrated below with the famous signature Usain Bolt Pose!

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