Friday, 14 February 2014

FWD create branding for Arrow ECS 'Juniversity' Campaign

Over the past few weeks, FWD have been working with Arrow ECS on a marketing campaign to promote 'Juniversity'. 

Juniversity is a program held by Arrow ECS to help educate staff about Juniper Networks and train them about business around Juniper, such as Consultation, Sales, Marketing and other technicalities.

The brief was to create a brand that was American University/College based, but emphasizing that 'Geek is the new cool' with people like Mark Zuckerberg owning facebook. And after all, Bill Gates did say, "Be nice to nerds, chances are that you'll be working for them one day." 

Along with the brand creation, FWD sourced items that could carry the brand and tie in with the theme. Items such as Geek Glasses and Yo-Yo's along with the school exercise books, folders and pens.

 On the back of the folder, doodles were illustrated to give the product a more fun and personal feel.

If you have any marketing campaigns scheduled and would like FWD to take a look at it with you, please don't hesitate to get in touch. Take a look at the FWD website.

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